Friday, June 01, 2007

On to 25

25 years is upon me as of tomorrow June 2nd. In some ways it's hard to believe, in other ways it's not. At least now that I'm 25 I won't get screwed with having to buy the extra insurance when I need to use a rental car. Maybe I won't get carded as much when I try to order a drink when I'm out with people. Then again, maybe I'll have to wait until I'm in my 30's to get that kind of treatment. A couple weeks ago, I was at one of the guy's in my youth groups high school volleyball game. I walked into school during the last period and had a teacher or guidance counselor or something stop me in the hall and ask what period I should be was fun getting out of that one. "Um ...I actually don't go to school here sir"....then he says "I've heard that one before" as we're dialogging the kids dad comes out to meet me in the hallway outside the gym and verifies my identity. So although 25 "seems" old in my head, I guess I'll have to try to do better to try to look the part. One philosophy to take into account as you get older : Aging is optional. = )


Blogger Aaron said...

what you need to do is grow a giant goatee.....they usually know that you aren't in high school with that.....for that beard is older than some of my students!

11:13 AM  

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