Friday, September 29, 2006

If you are a Pirate fan..this will raise your blood pressure..

Ran across this the other day online from an old Philadelphia bad we have the worst GM in baseball who even when his team is ALWAYS in or near last place he never takes any risks...note:..if your not a baseball fan this will bore you...if you are then you know Ryan Howard is the next Babe Ruth...sort of...nuff said.

ATLANTA - As the July 31 trade deadline gets closer, talk of deals involving the Phillies continue. A team source, however, believes general manager Ed Wade may do nothing significant because teams continue to ask for untouchable pitching prospects Gavin Floyd and Cole Hamels. By all accounts, the Phillies have been trying hard to land a starting pitcher and a center fielder, offering lesser prospects as well as second baseman Placido Polanco and pitcher Kevin Millwood. On Monday, The Sporting News reported the Phils offered Double-A first baseman Ryan Howard to Pittsburgh for righthanded starter Kris Benson, who is available due to his pending free agency. While Howard leads the minors with 35 homers, sources in Pittsburgh indicated the Phillies' offer wouldn't be enough. The Bucs prefer a major-league ready position player for Benson, who is 7-7 with a 4.26 ERA for the season and 2-0 with a 1.78 ERA over his last four starts. Meanwhile, a high-ranking American League official predicted the Phillies' pursuit of Arizona center fielder Steve Finley won't lead to anything. "Finley [has a no-trade clause and] will only go one place ... to San Diego," the source said.

Monday, September 25, 2006


My's been awhile i know. I have a lot of stuff to get on here. There are many pics to come. I'm going to revamp this thing here. It's just been really hectic lately. Went to Williamsburg VA this past weekend to look at a "TIME SHARE". We got 3 free vacatinons and $150.00 on a Visa Gift Card which was nice. Maybe down the road we'll look back into it. If you are really into vacationing, it does save you money over the long haul. We've had our Youth Kick Off event and one youth group meeting so far. For both events we had around 12-14 kiddos. It's been good. We bought a new whip it's a 2002 runs great, and gets killer gas mileage. This fits well being out here making tons of trips. We're only going to keep one car out here b/c of cost of insurance. Geico or not, it's just a lot more living out here. ok more to come, gtg...peace

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Coming full circle

Now that the school year has begun, I'm starting to feel the weight of the program i'm trying to create....Programs to lead, plans to make, special events to prepare, budgets to submit, volunteers to find, counseling to do and dozens of other things to take care of. Above all that my relationship with the Lord and my wife come first, but it's all coming full tilt..i'm glad i'm not doing this on my own strength..

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well I set off the church alarm tonight. I could just leave it like that and leave a big ? in all of your minds, but i'll tell. I came in, thought I turned it off, but apparently I didn' it the right way.. and some sensor went off that gives a little signal to mr "poe poe"...aka..the cops. I mean the thing stopped beeping and i thought I disarmed the thing..oh well..So the cops roll in and find my car pulled up on the sidewalk by the church door ( it's where i park at night so i don't have to walk all the way back to my car). So my car is pulled up on the sidewalk, next to the door as these cops roll up. I didn't think anything of it as I was sitting at my desk..i saw the lights pull up through my blinds.. but just figured that somebody was turning around in the parking lot. ( I'd like to add that I still don't have a New Jersey plate on my car so i'm sure that made it look a bit more fishy being that it wasn't parked in a parking spot and right next to the church) So..a few seconds roll on..then i hear..the door creep this point I thought the person had turned around and i had no clue what was going on with this door buisness...i hear it creep..and immediately stop typing on my computer and kinda eyes dart quickly to the left and i'm like..hmmm..i start to think of all the Chuck Norris movies in my head and I come up with a few moves in case I need them..well then the door opens all the way and the cop walks in at a steady pace. My light is on so he turns his head and says can you please tell me what your doing here...and i just want to say.."oh sorry officer i broke into the church to use this here laptop i'll be done in a second" Well I go on and tell him i work for the church and he goes "oh you work here"....and i say yes sir..and he goes, "it's interesting you would make the commute all the way from PA according to your plate on your car to come to work"...and i'm like..well i just started here ( I could tell at this point he totally wanted to bust me..but I was so in the drivers seat) he was like do you have any ID..of course I didn't have my wallet with me that had my NJ liscense in it..but I showed him my car insurace which had the address of where I was living..and then i thought for a minute that since I didn't have photo ID, i was gonna be in doo doo..but then showed him my keys and all to the church and i talked to him a bit about what i did and all..and he was like "well you sound like a pretty nice guy, and being that you work for the church and all I believe you..i don't think you'd lie or I say well i'm not perfect, but i can tell you for sure i work here...then I look at him and yell real loud ( NOW GET THE HECK OUT OF MY OFFICE)..ok that part was a lie...but the rest of this was not.. So..after we chat the whole thing kinda calms down and I dip out and go back home..NUTS...oh's to the next day...

Friday, September 01, 2006


So today for the first time I had a "PORK ROLL". I guess it's a real big deal here in Jersey. I had never heard about them and people were shocked. I was out with a student and he asked me if i had ever had one, of course I said no..and he was stunned, so we went to a general store and got 2 pork rolls. Basically they are pork, egg, and cheese. It sure was no Primanti Bros sandwhich, but it wasn't too bad. So if your ever up here in Jersey, be sure to stop and get a pork roll. If any of you have had one and have had a good or bad experience with one..let me know. It was pretty tastey. Yay for pork.