Thursday, August 31, 2006


So today I walk out of the church like everyday, but this was sad. Outside of my window near my office there are trees and a lot of the birds hover in them, around name it. Each time I walk out of the church they all flap like mad and fly away. Well today when I walked out, it was the same routine...walk out ..look to the left...then it's flap city for like 30 seconds then no more birds. Well as one bird was taking off, he flapped right up to a branch above him, and then splat right back on the ground. DEAD..
So I thought to myself...what if I would have walked out the other door, what if i was more quiet...sniff. Did i kill it, should I be charged ? Should I bury it ? Should I throw it over the bush to give to the neighbors cat ? Let me the little comment button and leave an idea for me...i'm lost..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Great Article

I found this article from a blog of a Geneva grad, he had a link to it. I loved it and want to pass it on..check it out Peace

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Life...moving on

Hello again...if anybody even reads this ha. I've tried to get as much information out to people as I can about this blog, i'll keep trying and eventually post some pictures. I was thinking today just how life is going by so fast. Just last year at this time, I wasn't even dating Ashley, now ...a year later..we are married. One of my good buddies from college has a kid, other friends are married or getting married, it's pretty cool looking back as Christians and seeing how the Lord perfectly orchestrates everything, to His purpose and glory. Things here at the church are going well, it's very slow right now. I'm trying to start a program out of nothing. Basically I am trying to pull together groups of students who have never ever really had any reason to hang out together before, most are from different school districts, they are all on very different levels in their lives as well. I've been convicted recently about the importance of friendships, and how vital that is to the rest of life. I don't want the friendships I've made to just go to the wayside just b/c I'm out of the state. I am driven by being relational, it's who I am and who the Lord created me to be, and I want to do all that I can to still be that type of person, and to be there for people when they need me. I'm going to stop there b/c I really feel like I can fill this blog with a bunch of stream of consciousness that will drive people nuts. I read this info today and was intrigued by it..any thoughts..

" Farm workers who pick tomatoes for McDonald's sandwiches earn 40 to 50 cents for every 32-pound bucket of tomatoes they pick, a rate that has not risen significantly in nearly 30 years. Workers who toil from dawn to dusk without the right to overtime pay or any benefits must pick two tons of tomatoes to earn $50 in one day. Worse yet, modern-day slavery has reemerged in Florida's fields; since 1997, the U.S. Department of Justice has prosecuted five slavery rings, freeing more than 1,000 workers. As a major buyer of Florida tomatoes, McDonald's high-volume, low-cost purchasing practices place downward pressure on farm worker wages, putting corporate profits before human dignity. "

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Numero Uno

Well, I finally got this thing up and running. I've been meaning to do this as a means to update the world about life out here in the Jerz. I have some pictures to post and such, i'll be getting those up as soon as possible. We'll try to keep up with this as much as we can to keep you all updated and informed. Life out east isn't so bad. The only thing that gets frustrating is THE DRIVING. They have "Circles", and "Jughandles"....grrr....I just don't understand why you have to make a right to eventually make a left, or try to weave your way into a circle to eventually get to your turn, and if you hesitate you die pretty much. I haven't died yet, as you probably know b/c you are reading this. Life has been going by pretty smoothly so far. I'll post some pictures of our apartment, but basically it's the top 2 floors of a house. There is a younger couple living in the basement who recently got married as well. The only real communication we've had with them however is a "thump thump", through the floor around 11:00 at night. We were hanging a few things on the walls..granted it was a bit we probably won't try to hang at that hour again. Well I have to get back to doing a few things here. I'll try to post as daily as I can. HOLLA